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New Film Release: Death Do Us Part

I’m standing in the dark 1000 miles from home in a graveyard. The morning light arrived and my eyes began to focus. This was the moment everything became clear. I woke up from a nightmare that had lasted seven years. I realized I was surrounded by everything I loved. That’s where the name Death Do Us Part came from.

The American Dream video is based on the fear of success, this thought is extremely powerful, fear has the ability to cripple us from pursuing our dreams. The moment I embraced my dreams it was as if the universe had drawn people to help us and share their stories. Our goal is to tell the stories of the people who live in America. Your support is the driving force behind our project. We could not have done this without you. We have made it this far because you shared and supported us through our social networking sites. We were able to connect with the people in this film because of the internet. Every time you share or like this project it brings us one step closer to photographing your town, people you know, possibly even you. 
Become a part of our journey;
Instagram username : Ian Ruhter